Created On:  24 October 2012


A Task status is set as “Ready To Start” in an Agile Project but the task does not appear in the ‘All Tasks’ section (within a Story).


This occurs because of a conflict with Task Status. When defining the task swim lanes the starting Task status value is set to “Ready to Start”.


A new Task is added to a Story but the "Status" value is not set.

The new Task does not appear in StarTeam Agile but it does appear in the StarTeam Cross Platform Client

CPC (Note that the status is Pending):

If a Task Status value is not set when entering the Task, StarTeam Agile defaults the Task status value to ‘Pending’. As the starting status has been set to "Ready to Start" this effectively hides all tasks with no Task Status value set.

This have been resolved and a fix will be implemented in StarTeam Agile HF1. Contact the StarTeam Support team for availability.


Setting default Task Status value back to ‘Pending’
  • Setting the Task Status value when entering Tasks