Can I have multiple versions of the StarTeam eclipse integration on the same machine?



Can I have multiple versions of the StarTeam eclipse integration on the same machine?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: ALL
  • Product Component: Eclipse Integration
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows

Installing multiple copies of the StarTeam eclipse integration is not recommended or supported by Borland as it can cause unpredictable behaviour. If it is required to have multiple versions of the StarTeam Eclipse client installed there are several caveats which should be observed to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring.

  • Eclipse versions should be kept in separate folders. Several online guides to maintaining multiple eclipse installations advise sharing of plugins between versions. This should not be carried out with the StarTeam integration

  • The StarTeam Eclipse integration installer should be run once for each installation, referring to the installation"s folder upon each execution

  • Clearly named, separate shortcuts should be maintained to each installation to avoid confusion. These can also be adjusted to refer to specific workspaces and to specify memory allocation

  • Memory usage for each instance should be considered, with the machine"s available resources in mind. Memory allocation can be adjusted by appending command the command line switch

    -Xms512M -Xmx1024M

    Example figures should be adjusted to suit your particular system

  • Specific workspaces can be specified in each shortcut with the switch

    -data C:\path\to\workspace\

If an error does occur which is also present in a single install environment, contact Borland Technical Support for assistance.

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