StarTeam 5.3SP1 : Client14



StarTeam 5.3SP1 : Client14


Patch #14 for StarTeam Client 5.3.214 (Service Pack 1)
Build (Service Pack 1)

Installation instructions

This patch requires StarTeam 5.3.214 (Service Pack 1) be installed first.

To install silently to the last location StarTeam 5.3 SP1 was installed to:
Close your StarTeam Client.
Run -> Client14 /s -a ?n
Restart your StarTeam Client as desired.

To install and be prompted for the installation folder:
Close your StarTeam Client.
Install Client14.exe, it will prompt you for the location of your installation folder.
Change the location if necessary.
Restart your StarTeam Client as desired.


  1. Changes deleted users/groups to " (Deleted)" in the access rights lists. When users or groups are deleted from the User Manager the explicit access rights for these users and groups will be displayed as deleted. These deletion placeholders should be deleted by a StarTeam Server Administrator to ensure the correct access right dependencies.

    The following is also included in patch #5

  2. Resolves issues where Visual Diff is not displaying deleted lines correctly when there is a linefeed (^L) character in the file without a carriage return. The lines may appear one line off in the display.

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Old KB# 28422
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