Created On:  24 April 2012


Unclean shutdowns or cold reboots can occasionally cause the starteam-server-configs.xml configuration file to become corrupted or missing. This file should be regularly backed up to prevent extended downtime, however it is possible to rebuild the file if required.


The attached XML file starteam-server-configs can be used as a starting point. Various fields will need to be edited and replaced with data specific to the intended configuration, these fields will be detailed below:

Property Value
Configuration Name This property should be edited to reflect the name of your configuration.
DbServerName This should be set to the exact name of the StarTeam DSN
ServerGUID The GUID of the StarTeam server. This value can be queried from the StarTeam database with SELECT F3 FROM s0
LogPath The folder path where StarTeam server logs should be stored. The previous path can be found by searching for server.en-US.log on the filesystem
DBType This value should remain unaltered if a SQL Server database is in use. For Oracle databases this value should be set to 3
ComputerName The hostname of the machine running the StarTeam Server
RepositoryPath The path to the StarTeam vault. This contains the folders Archive and Cache - these folders can be searched for on the filesystem if the vault path is not known

The database logon details are obfuscated and cannot be entered into the XML file directly.

1. Save the XML file and launch the Server Administration console.
2. Select the configuration and click the properties icon.
3. The following error will appear


4. Dismiss the error by clicking OK
5. Ensure the DSN name is correct and enter the correct database login and password

6. Click verify connection to verify details.
7. Click OK
8. Start the server

Once the server starts successfully the XML file should be backed up to prevent a reoccurrence of the issue.
Incident #2570070