How do I move a child view up one level?



How do I move a child view up one level?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005R2
  • Product Component: StarTeam CPC
  • Platform/OS Version:?Windows XP, 2003, 2000


How do I move a second level Child View up one level up without losing any Revision History?


If you have access to a StarTeam Cross Platform Client, then you can use View Manager to move the view from one location to another location. Unfortunately, moving a view causes it to lose any labels it had in the previous view because labels cannot move from view to view. There are just too many bad things that could happen if labels are copied from view to view; however, "File" and "Item" histories will move.

Also after you move the view, if you roll back the view to an earlier point in time, you will no longer see the folders and/or items that have been moved.

Following is some information that might help:

Moving a folder or item within a view causes that folder or item to be copied in that view"s child or parent views, if branching has not occurred. In StarTeam, a move is a copy operation followed by a delete operation, and delete operations are not propagated from view to view for folders and items that have not branched. Therefore, the view in which the move was made has one copy of the folder or item in the new location, while the related views have two copies of the folder or item, one in the original location and one in the new location ? the equivalent of a share.

Note: When you move a folder or an item, the access rights set at the folder or item level accompany it. Also, in some cases, moving a folder or item to another view enables its disabled Branch on change check box.

So, if you just want to move the view to another location in the project, or to another project altogether, View Manager will take care of that. Your user, however, will have to recreate all of the labels.

For help using the View Manager, click the Help menu item in StarTeam Cross Platform Client and search on "Working with the View Manager Utility". You will first select a server, then select the source project and target project, and then use "Copy to Target" under the RUN menu item.

Author: Ja"Mille Wilborn

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