How to Change Database Collation in SQL 2000.



How to Change Database Collation in SQL 2000.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 4.x
  • StarTeam 5.x
  • SQL 2000


StarTeam requires a Case Insensitive collation of the SQL database being used by StarTeam in order to perform the necessary functions of creating new configurations or upgrading from older 4.x configurations. Failure to have a Case Insensitive collation will cause a variety of different errors.


In order to change the SQL collation of a database in SQL 2000 there is a command that can be executed in the SQL Query Analyzer to perform such an operation. In order to run such command the following will need to be performed:

  • Shutdown the StarTeam Server configuration in question.
  • Make a back up of the database.
  • Ensure no other connections are open to the container in question. This includes SQL Enterprise Manager.
  • Open SQL Query Analyzer and connect to the appropriate database as a DBO user for that database.
  • Execute the following command line from Query Analyzer:

    Alter Database Databasename
    Collate Collation

    Database name is equal to the name of the appropriate database in question. Collation is the SQL name for the specific collation you wish to change the database collation to. For example: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
  • Once the SQL Query has finished restart the StarTeam server to confirm that the database is functioning properly. Once this is confirmed, shutdown the StarTeam server and make a fresh back up.
  • After the back up is made, the administrator may perform the function that produce the collation errors.
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