Unable to see changes or check-ins for files against Change Requests in different views


Why is it not possible to see changes or checkins in the Change tab against files and Change Requests which are in different views?

This is by design.

ChangePackages and the Trace to the CR are created in the 'target' view, i.e. where the files are checked in.

Opening the Link tab in the Change Perspective for the Change Package will display the Trace. However, neither a ChangePackage nor a Trace are created in the Change Package view, so it's not possible to see any changes.

In the CPC open the Links pane and specify Links in any view, this will display the Trace from the other view, but will not display a ChangePackage. 

There is an existing enhancement logged for the CPC to provide a UI feature that allows Change Packages to show up on request from another view, by following the external Trace.

One workaround is to share the CRs from the other view.

Incident #2791586
ER #4,734

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