Starteam licence entries in log appear incorrect



Starteam licence entries in log appear incorrect


  • Product Name: Starteam
  • Product Version:2005 Release 2
  • Product Component:
  • Platform/OS Version: All supported


With effect from Starteam 2005 R2 and onwards, there is, in addition to the original Starteam specific licences, also the facility to use the Borland Belise and the FLEXlm licences. If you opt for the original licence system, an entry similar to the one below will appear in the log when Starting the Starteam server:

10 00000001 2005-11-09 14:56:30 License server proxy successfully started. The following licenses are loaded:
11 00000001 2005-11-09 14:56:30 12411 (StarTeam Enterprise Advantage (2005 Release 2), Concurrent License, Borland License Server, )
12 00000001 2005-11-09 14:56:30 12412 (StarTeam Enterprise Advantage (2005 Release 2), Named License, Borland License Server, )

This may seem confusing, especially if you do not have both named and concurrent licences.


Although not an error as such and although this has no affect on the successful running of Starteam this entry can be removed from future server start ups by renaming the following files, found at location:

StarTeam Server 2005 R2Licenseconcurrent_12411.slip
StarTeam Server 2005 R2License amed_12412.slip

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