Created On:  02 April 2012


The StarTeam 12.0 Web Server is installed on the same machine as the StarTeam 2009 Web Server. When the 12.0 Web Server is started using the startup batch file the web client lists the server version as, which is the 2009 Web Server.


This happens because the CATALINA_HOME environment variable is pointing to the path of the StarTeam 2009 Web Server installation directory. So the batch file used to start the web server actually starts the 2009 web server rather than the 12.0 version.

To resolve this issue carry out the steps below:

1. Navigate to System Properties
2. Click the "Advanced" tab
3. Click the "Environment Variables" button
4. Select the "CATALINA_HOME" variable in the list of System variables
5. Replace the "Variable value" with the path to the StarTeam 12 Web Server installation. The default installation path is as follows:

  C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam 12.0 Web Server\apache-tomcat-5.5.33

Now when running the StarTeam 12 Web Server "startup" batch file the correct version will be used.

Incident #2566576