Audit Log records two entries - Created and Added



Audit Log records two entries - Created and Added


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 3.x, 4.x, 5.x


When any object type (referred to in StarTeam as ?Class Name?), is added to a StarTeam project, StarTeam generates two simultaneous entries for the object (?Created? and ?Added?) in the Audit Log. This is because StarTeam separates the act of "creating" an object as one event, and the act of "adding" an object as another event.

This ?pairing? of events applies to files, change requests, tasks, and topics. Note: The exception is that folders are only given an ?Added? event.

The generation of two Audit Log entries each time an object is introduced to a StarTeam project can be confusing when querying and reporting the Audit Log to show user activity and workflow. The coupling of ?Created? and ?Added? events may skew the perception of a user?s actual productivity by reporting two actions instead of one.


To reduce confusion, users can create a query that will exclude ?Created? events (We would choose to exclude ?Created? rather than ?Added? events because the latter event type includes all types of object, whereas the former does not record ?folder? objects). For example, to query the Audit Log only for activity on 12/1/99, one could create a apply a query similar to:

Event Is Not Created AND ( Modified Time On or After 12/1/99 OR Deleted Time On or After 12/1/99 )

This query would return all events except for ?Created? that were recorded on 12/1/99. (NOTE: ?Created Time? is not listed as we are excluding ?Created? events. ?Added? events are recorded with a ?Modified Time.?)

More Information:

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