Created On:  02 April 2012


How can the default port of StarTeam Web Server be changed from 8080?


1. Navigate to the installation folder for the StarTeam Web Server, the default installation location is

C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam XXXX Web Server

2. Locate and edit the "server.xml" file located in the subfolder '\apache-tomcat-5.5.33\conf'

3. Within this file, locate the following xml tag

‹Connector port="8080   maxHttpHeaderSize="8192"
  maxThreads="150"   minSpareThreads="25"   maxSpareThreads="75"
enableLookups="false"   redirectPort="8443"   acceptCount="100"
connectionTimeout="20000"   disableUploadTimeout="true"/›

4. Edit the port="8080" part of the entry to the port of choice, for example port="8081"

5. Save the file

6. Restart the Web Server

Any pre-defined bookmarks or client-side shortcuts may need to be edited to reflect the new port number.