How does one recreate the starteam-server-configs.xml file?



How does one recreate the starteam-server-configs.xml file?


How does one recreate the starteam-server-configs.xml file?
This "Solution" assumes you already have a StarTeam database and for some reason you need to create a new starteam-server-configs.xml to connect to your existing database.

1) Create an ODBC connection to the StarTeam database.

2) Download the "starteam-server-configs.xml" file attached.

3) Modify the following keys:

Change the "Configuration_Name" to a more appropriate name for your configuration. Note this is the name that is displayed in the Server Admin Tool.

In order to get the ServerGuid run the following query against your StarTeam Database:
select serverid from dbo.syn_serversettings

The ID will be returned. Copy this ID, into the XML. For example:

Change the "value" to reflect the root folder of the repository directory.

Change the "value" to reflect the log folder

If you are using SQL - DO NOT CHANGE THIS.
If you are using Oracle change the value to 3.



Once you have modified the above keys save the file and place it in the Server Installation directory.
(default C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam Server 2008 R2)

For more information about the keys that can be entered into the xml please review page 1098 in the Admin Guide.

4) Open the Server Administration Tool.
- Select the configuration.
- From the menu bar select "Server"->"Configuration Properties"
- Select the "Database Connection Information" tab
- Enter the Database connection information. Ensure that "verify connection" returns a successful connection.
- Hit OK.

5) From the menu bar in the Server Administration Tool select "Actions"->"Start with Override"
- Enter the TCP/IP Endpoint. Default = 49201
- Enter the "Attachment Path". Typically the attachments folder is in the repository.
- Hit OK.

The Server should start.

If you have any problems please review the "Server Log" or contact Borland Support.


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