Story Impact


The Impact tab on the Story Card is a quick view of all the items that have an impact on that story, including other stories, defects, and code that has been checked in.

From this tab you can see:

  • Stories - All of the stories that impact the selected story will be listed in this section. If the story is a child, the parent story and the other children will be listed. If the story is a parent, then only the children will be listed. The same symbols that are used to indicate story type on the Backlog view are used here.
  • Code in StarTeam - This is a list of all code checked in to StarTeam that is linked to the story.
  • Code in Subversion - This is a list of code checked into Subversion that uses the SVN protocol. Currently, only SVN protocol is supported by StarTeam and StarTeam Agile. Code that doesn't use this protocol will be listed under Other.
  • Defects - This is a list of items entered as Change Requests in StarTeam. This list does not include stories that are categorized as Defects within StarTeam Agile. Defect Stories added via StarTeam Agile will be listed in the Stories section.
  •  Other- This is a list of anything else that relates to the story including:
    • Code checked into Subversion that doesn't use the SVN protocol
    • Links to documents or websites included in the story requirements section

When there is no content for a section, the section will be hidden. You can also collapse and expand sections by clicking on the section heading.

Each item description will include the date the item was modified and the name of the last person to modify the item. The location column will indicate where the item is located which is a link to the item. Items in StarTeam will open StarTeam to that item in the tree. Items located on the internet will open a new browser window to that item.

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