How do I change a person to a customer or a team member?



How do I change a person to a customer or a team member?


QATrackRecord allows a given item, such as a person, to have multiple identities. For example, a single person can also be a customer or a team member, because each has a common parent type: person. The other identities share the information in the person type, and then add their own additional information. When the person changes, the shared 'identities' change as well.

Since customer inherits from person, you can change a person to a customer (or a team member) by following these steps:

  1. Open the person you want to change to a customer.
  2. From the Item menu, choose Add identity.
  3. Select the new type in the dialog, and click OK.
  4. The new item is now on your screen, with the common information (the person, in this case) filled in.
  5. Add any additional information required by the type, and click OK.

Remember, if you change the common information, you're changing it in the original person as well, and in any other identities the person may have.

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