Active Users error message when editing Workflow or Edit types



Why do I receive an "Active Users" message when I am editing Workflow or Edit Types?


When you log on to TrackRecord Client as an administrator and begin to edit the Workflow or Edit Types, a message may appear informing you that active users are logged on.

The message box also appears when multiple Admin users are logged on at the same time. Making changes to the Workflow or Edit Types in this situation may cause the database to react adversely.

Starting the Workflow Editor from the client causes a second login to the TrackRecord database. This occurs because the Workflow Editor is a standalone executable. The application cannot detect that it is the same user logging on again.

The Continue button will appear only if multiple logins of the Admin user occur, and no additional users are logged on. Click Continue to edit the Workflow or Edit Types. Click Send Message to send a brief message to all the users logged on to the database. Click Cancel to exit without loading the editor.

Old KB# 10945
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