ERROR: IPRanges Error Trying to Connect to Server



ERROR: IPRanges Error Trying to Connect to Server


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 4.x, 5.1
  • Windows Platforms


When trying to connect to a Starbase server, one of the following errors is encountered in the server log:

StarTeam 4.x:

Exception caught in : EXCEPTION during Server command    Exception class: CDBException   Exception code: -2 (FFFFFFFE)   Exception message:  Command ID: 2 (00000002)

StarTeam 5.1:

Exception thrown from : Class = , Code = 0(00000000),Msg =  [Table Name] = IPRangeObject    [Function Name] = CStDbObjectSet::Query

A less descriptive error occurs at the client.


This error occurs when the Starbase server has lost its connection with the database. The server requires a constant connection to run normally. If this connection is dropped, the server can no longer honor client requests to the server. When this error occurs, the Starbase server should be gracefully shutdown and restarted before StarTeam clients will be able to connect to the Starbase server. The database server also needs to be up and running for the new startup to resolve the problem.

Typical reasons for this error condition:

  • The database server was restarted without restarting the StarBase server.
  • The database server was taken offline or locked, perhaps for maintenance or backup procedures.
  • The network connection was lost temporarily due to a network problem.

Old KB# 28483
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