Does StarTeam 2006 support Oracle 10.2 RAC?



Does StarTeam 2006 support Oracle 10.2 RAC?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2006 R2
  • Product Component: Database
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows 2003

Does StarTeam 2006 support Oracle 10.2 RAC?


Oracle 10.2 RAC is not supported by StarTeam 2006. However StarTeam supports Oracle 10.2(Oracle with or driver). Also if RAC is disabled as per the instructions below then Oracle 10.2RAC environment is supported by StarTeam 2006 (Technically, if you disable RAC then it will function as a single instance db).

To disable to RAC at software level, you can relink oracle with rac_off as

Shutdown all the instance in RAC environment.
- Shutdown all the listeners.
- Relink Oracle executable with rac_off option.

$ make -f rac_off
$ make -f ioracle

- Remove all the parameters from init.ora which points to second instance and it is on other node.
- Remove cluster_database parameter
- Remove undo_tablespace parameter which points to second instance
- Startup the database in mount stage and execute..

alter database disable thread

- Open the database.

After opening database you can drop the redolog groups which are for other instance. You can also drop the tablespace of other instance.
Also refer to Metalink Note.211177.1 (
Note.211177.1 RAC Survival Kit Rac On / Rac Off - Relinking the RAC Option

Once above is done, Oracle instance won"t require cluster manager anymore and works with only single instance functionality. If you need any further assistance regarding disabling RAC, please contact Oracle technical support.

Author: Praveen Boyineni

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