Created On:  05 April 2012


Unable to log on to the StarTeam Cross Platform Client. The error reported is:

Failed to login to Active Directory server. Details: Unwilling To Perform


This error is usually resolved by correcting spelling mistakes in the Distinguished Name, specifically the User ID.

Validate that the user affected can log onto StarTeam using native logon credentials.

1. Open StarTeam Administrator

2. Select Accounts

3. Select User Manager

4. Select a user from the list

5. Right Click and select Properties

6. Click on the Logon Tab

7. Select "Validate through StarTeam Server"

If the user can access the StarTeam this confirms that the problem is related to the ‘Distinguished Name’ when validating through directory services.

Follow the steps above and reset the user to authenticate using "Validate Through Directory Service". Verify that the Distinguished Name is correct, in particular the actual userID spelling. If multiple users are affected there could be an issue with the Base DN part of the entry.

Incident #2536482