Created On:  20 April 2012


Is is possible to assign a Change Request to a 'future' Build Label, that is, one that hasn't been created yet? For example, if working on 'Build 1.0' can the CR be 'scheduled' for inclusion in 'Build 3.0'?


It is not possible to 'schedule' the attaching of a Build (View) Label to more than one build in the future. However, using the in-build 'Next Build' View Label in the "Addressed in build" field in the Change Request.

This field becomes active when the workflow is in 'Work in Progress' or beyond, it may differ if you are using a custom workflow.

This will automatically be replaced, across all CRs that have 'Next Build' selected, by the View Label that has been created with 'Use as build label' checked.

Any Change Requests that had 'Next Build' in the 'Addressed in build:' field will now show the View (Build) Label automatically

This only applies to to the next build label created, as the name suggested, and cannot be used to assign a build label more than one release ahead.
Incident #2569599