Created On:  15 July 2010


The following features have been introduced in StarTeam Server between versions 2005R2 and 2008R2.


  • Large File add & checkin (Over 2GBs in size)
  • Pre loaded Content Queries – content is not streamed to the server during add/checkin if it already exists in the server vaults.
  • New label properties Created Time, Created by User introduced
  • Deleted Item Queries (VCM can detect Items Deleted in Source and recommend ‘Delete in Target’)
  • Attach, Detach & Remove Labels from rolled back (historical) views
  • Sharing a Folder across views without sharing the folder content
  • Current Server Time Query (for synchronization of client applications w.r.t. the server clock)
  • Creation of links in bulk (multiple links between files & a process item streamed in one server command)
  • Checkin of files in bulk (up to 100 file updates per server command)
  • Atomic Transactions (a group of files checked in together always succeed or always fail)
  • Native Reverse Share (when sharing an item from a child view to its parent view, create a new parent share in the share tree)
  • Branch new Views with a selectable subset of types from the parent view