Created On:  11 February 2011


If there are many StarTeam projects, it is very time-consuming to use StarTeam Client to check the use of Alternate Property Editor (customized workflow) for each project. One has to access the Project Properties window and look at the Editors tab and this has to be repeated for each project.  Is there a way to quickly determine if customized workflow is being used on a StarTeam server?


The following SQL query can be executed on the StarTeam server database:

SELECT Name FROM syn_Project 
WHERE DeletedUserID = -1 AND
((DisplayAltCREditor = 1)
OR (DisplayAltFileEditor = 1)
OR (DisplayAltReqEditor = 1)
OR (DisplayAltTaskEditor = 1)
OR (DisplayAltTopicEditor = 1))
ORDER by Name;

This query will return a list of projects using customized workflow on this StarTeam server.


1. Where necessary, add the schema name or user in front of syn_Project (e.g. dbo.syn_Project)
2. Specifying DeletedUserID = -1 will prevent the deleted projects from being displayed in the result set.
3. ORDER by Name is optional; specifying it will display the result in sorted alphabetical order.
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