ERROR: Too Few Parameters



ERROR: Too Few Parameters


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 3.x, 4.2
  • Windows 95, NT, 2000


When upgrading a StarTeam 3.00.391.3 or lower repository to aStarTeam 4.2 server, the following error message may be displayed, "Too FewParameters".


  1. Upgrade the computer system"s MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Control) drivers to version 2.5 or later. To download the latest MDAC go to:
  2. Install StarTeam VirtualTeam Server 4.2 to any directory other than the one used by StarTeam 3.x.
  3. Once the installation of the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server is complete, start the StarTeam server as an application. The "Select Server Configuration" dialogue box will appear. From this box click the "About" button.
  4. From the "About StarTeam VirtualTeam Server" dialogue box, click on the "Register" button. Enter the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server serial number and access key and click "OK". Then exit the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server application.
  5. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server installation directory. COPY the found at the root of the directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\StarTeam VirtualTeam Server 4.0) to the DBUpgrade3 folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\StarTeam VirtualTeam Server 4.0\DBUpgrade3).
  6. Locate the *.cph and *.scg files for the 3.0 server you wish to upgrade and copy them to the Config Files directory located in the installation directory of the StarTeam server.
  7. Click on Start > Programs > StarTeam VirtualTeam Server > Repository Tools. The Repository Tools dialogue will appear. From this window highlight the 3.0 server configuration by clicking on the server name and then click on the Upgrade button located on the right hand side of the dialogue box.
  8. You should now be able to start your newly upgraded repository with StarTeam 4.2.

If the above workaround continues to yield the same error, upgrade your 3.xserver to 4.1 first, then upgrade to StarTeam 4.2.

Old KB# 28453
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