StarTeam Agile Version 1.0 Hotfix 1 Release Notes


These release notes contain information that might not appear in the Help. Read them in their entirety before you install the product.

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System Requirements

StarTeam Agile has the following requirements in addition to those of StarTeam:

StarTeam 13.0 Server Supported Platforms

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 (32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-bit)

StarTeam Agile 1.0 Web Server Supported Platforms

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-bit)

Supported Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Firefox 8
  • Chrome 20
  • iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy 10.1 platform

Hardware Requirements for WebServer

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-bit: Minimum 64-bit quad core system with 4-8 GB of memory.

What's New (Version 1.0 Hotfix 1)

This section provides an overview of the new features found in StarTeam Agile Release 1.0 Hotfix 1.

Compatibility Issues with Old Starteam Repositories 

The user would see an error when creating a Defect or Requirement infostream if certain enumerated values on StarTeam ChangeRequest or Requirement objects were null. These null values were only possible in old repositories of StarTeam, no current applications allows them to be null, but some customers may have existing data in this form. This has been fixed to prevent the error.


In the InfoStream inbox grid for Defect and Requirement infostreams, we've added a # column. This column will display the StarTeam Change Request Number property for Defect and the StarTeam Requirement Number property for Requirements. This field can be sorted by clicking the column title.

What's New (Version 1.0 Update 1)

This section provides an overview of the new features found in StarTeam Agile Release 1.0 Update 1.

Story, Defect, and Requirement History

We know that stories change over time and sometimes we can’t remember why we made certain changes. The new History tab on the Story, Defect, and Requirement cards allows you to view and track changes to stories as they are refined during the requirements gathering and development process.

  • The History tab is available on all Story cards regardless of where you access the card.
  • You can easily compare versions of a story to see what changes were made.
  • Changes that are made within the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client will be reflected on the Defect and Requirement cards accessible from the InfoStream Inbox and via the InfoStream icon after the stories are accepted into the backlog.

Backlog Search

The new search feature allows you to easily find stories in your backlog. Accessed via the Filter panel, you can either search the entire backlog or filter the backlog and search only within the filtered results.

Improved Discussions

We have made several improvements to the Discussions feature to make it easier to follow.

  • Discussions are now available on Defect and Requirement cards. Sometimes there needs to be a discussion before a story is accepted into the backlog and the Discussion feature allows you to track and document these discussions. These discussions stay with the card even after it is added to the backlog.
  • You can use common social media techniques to link stories and people to discussions
    • #story number will create a link directly to the story card
    • will send a notification to the user that a discussion has been started that may be of interest.

Note: Email notifications must be configured in the StarTeam Server.

Sort By Columns

You can now sort by column headings in both the InfoStream Inbox and on the Sprint cards in the Sprint Planning panel.


Bookmarking specific pages within StarTeam Agile from your browser makes it easier to go directly to the pages you use most. You can also copy the URL for a page and send it someone so they can open the exact page you want them to see

  • Bookmark your Teamboard to make it easier to update tasks during the day
  • Copy the URL for a page and send it someone so they can open the exact page you want them to see such as the Release Tracking page

Usability Enhancements

We are continually looking for ways to make StarTeam Agile more intuitive and user friendly. Some of the enhancements in this release:

  • Clicking the number on a story or task card will open the item in the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client.
  • On the Task card, you do not have to click the symbol to add time to timesheet. We have changed the feature to save any time entered when you save the Task card. Clicking the will open another field for time entry.
  • User authentication expires after a specified period of inactivity. Instead of automatically taking you back to the home login page, an authentication window will appear asking for your credentials. Successfully entering your credentials will allow you access to the last page you were on. Unsuccessfully entering your credentials will take you to the main login page.
  • You can create InfoStreams for Defects that are assigned to “me”. When this option is selected, each user will only see defect stories in the InfoStream Inbox that are assigned to them.
  • StarTeam Agile now supports iPad and Samsung Galaxy 10.1 platforms.
  • Views created in StarTeam Cross-Platform Client will not appear in StarTeam Agile unless the ViewType is set to Release

Known Issues

Stories opened from Tracking view, Sprint Planning Panel, and Infostream panel cannot be bookmarked or sent as a URL.

No workaround at this time.

Multi-touch gestures, such as pinch to zoom, are not supported on iPad and Galaxy tablets.

No workaround at this time.

It is difficult to edit items using the touch keyboard on tablets.

A Bluetooth keyboard is recommended for editing items in StarTeam Agile on a tablet due to smaller screen real estate.

Tasks not editable in StarTeam Agile after they have been changed in the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client

If StarTeam Agile Tasks have been changed in the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client to have pinned Behavior (for instance, after the Task has been reverse shared in a View Compare/Merge session), then the Task on the Teamboard will not be able to be edited or moved until the Task is set back to floating Behavior in the Sprint’s Release using the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client.

When installing updates over an existing StarTeam Agile installation, the update may not deploy correctly

It is recommended that a complete uninstall be performed then reinstall a StarTeam Agile. If customizations were made to the ALMConfiguration.xml file in the apache-tomcat-7.0.19/shared/lib directory, save the file before uninstalling. After the reinstall, replace the file to avoid losing the customizations.


The best practice is to do a complete uninstall before upgrading to the Hot Fix.

StarTeam Agile is installed using a single installer. If you do not have StarTeam installed, it will install everything you need to get up and running with StarTeam Agile. If you already have a StarTeam server set up, you can connect to it by entering the configuration information.

If you are doing a full install, the installer will install the StarTeam server, setup and configure the StarTeam database, create a new configuration, and start that configuration as a Windows service. When you finish the install process, all you need to do is start StarTeam Agile. When installing a new StarTeam server, you will need to provide the following information :

  • Configuration Name - The name you want to use for the StarTeam configuration.
  • Repository Path - Where you want the StarTeam server's local configuration data to be stored.
  • Licensing - If you have a license, you can enter the information. If you are installing for evaluation purposes, you don't have to enter licensing information for 30 days.

If you have an existing 13.0 StarTeam server, you can plug StarTeam Agile into that server. You will need to provide the following information:

  • StarTeam Server Host Name and IP address
  • Configuration Name
  • Configuration GUID
  • Configuration Port

If you need to change existing or add new StarTeam configurations to your existing StarTeam Agile instance, you will need to use the ConfigManager Utility. See Using the ConfigManager Utility for information on using the ConfigManager Utility.

After you've completed the StarTeam Agile install, start StarTeam Agile from the Windows Start Menu. Once StarTeam Agile is running, users will use a supported browser to browse to
http:// StarTeamAgileIPAddress:8080/topaz-web/index.jsp, where StarTeamAgileIPAddress is the IP address of the machine running StarTeam Agile. This IP address and port 8080 will need to be accessible to users on the network.

If you have any issues starting StarTeam Agile after the installation process, please contact Borland Technical Support. The technical support team will request the StarTeam Agile log files located in Install Dir/apache-tomcat-7.0.19/logs.

Resolved Issues (Release 1 Update 1)

The following Known Issues have been resolved in StarTeam Agile Release 1 Update 1:

  • In the Infostream outbox, the source project name was shown in the Target Stream column instead of the target project name.
  • Requirement and Defect InfoStreams that used a query containing client-calculated properties would fail with an error ISecurable parameter was null. Choosing "Assigned to Me" The Assigned to Me option will now work. When selected each user will only see defect stories in the InfoStream Inbox that are assigned to them. Other types of client-calculated queries are now hidden.
  • After deleting a future sprint, a user could try to carry over a story to that sprint. If attempted, an error would be issued and a browser refresh would be required. Users willno longer have the option to carry over stories to sprints that have been deleted.
  • Project Viewers were not able to remove tags and attributes from the backlog filter they create using the dropdown options. They can now remove the tags.
  • The option to delete stories in the Backlog was available to Project Viewers and would result in an error when they tried to use it. The option to delete stories is now greyed out and not available for Project Viewers.
  • If user created more than 63 project specific tags an error: “Data too large for field Property Name = OpenStatusPIDs” would occur. Now a user can create up to 1,000 project specific tags.
  • If inactivity timeout was enabled on the StarTeam Server, users could not login to StarTeam Agile after the timeout was triggered. This has been corrected by providing a secondary login that allows the user to enter credentials and stay on the same page they were working on.

Updates and SupportLine

Our Web site gives up-to-date details of contact numbers and addresses.

Contacting Micro Focus

Micro Focus is committed to providing world-class technical support and consulting services. Micro Focus provides worldwide support, delivering timely, reliable service to ensure every customer's business success.

All customers who are under a maintenance and support contract, as well as prospective customers who are evaluating products are eligible for customer support. Our highly trained staff respond to your requests as quickly and professionally as possible.

Visit to communicate directly with Micro Focus
SupportLine to resolve your issues or email

Visit Micro Focus SupportLine at for up-to-date support news and access to other support information. First time users may be required to register to the site.

Information Needed by Micro Focus SupportLine

When contacting Micro Focus SupportLine, please include the following information if possible. The more information you can give, the better Micro Focus SupportLine can help you.

  • The name and version number of all products that you think might be causing an issue.
  • Your computer make and model.
  • System information such as operating system name and version, processors, and memory details.
  • Any detailed description of the issue, including steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Exact wording of any error messages involved.
  • Your serial number.

Additional Information Needed by Micro Focus


If reporting a protection violation you might be asked to provide a dump ( .dmp) file. To produce a dump file you use the Unexpected Error dialog box that is displayed when a protection violation occurs. Unless requested by Micro Focus SupportLine, leave the dump setting as Normal (recommended), click Dump, then specify a location and name for the dump file. Once the dump file has been written you can email it to Micro Focus SupportLine

You may also be asked to provide a log file created by the Consolidated Tracing Facility (CTF) - a tracing infrastructure that enables you to quickly and easily produce diagnostic information detailing the operation of a number of Micro Focus software components.

Creating Debug Files

If you encounter an error when compiling a program that requires you to contact Micro Focus technical support, your support representative might request that you provide additional debug files (as well as source and data files) to help us determine the cause of the problem. If so, they will advise you how to create them.

Licensing Information

This product includes software developed by the Indiana University Extreme! Lab (http:// and software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (http://


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