Error: "The Vault Cache already contains a file."



Error: "The Vault Cache already contains a file."


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.1.264-StarTeam 5.3 SP1
  • Windows NT, 2000, XP


When trying to add file error will be displayed "The Vault Cache already contains a file that corresponds to a version you are attempting to create."


This error typically occurs when a StarTeam server is moved or restored from backup and there is already an archive entry in the StarTeam cache with the same object ID as the file or files being added.


The error is typically resolved by either deleting or renaming the cache folder. Prior to locating and renaming this file it is necessary to stop the StarTeam server. While there are no serious consequences to recreating the cache folder with the server running, users will be unable to check out files and will receive odd errors until the server is restarted.

Here are the steps to find and rename the cache folder:

1. Shut down your StarTeam server.

2. Highlight your server configuration within Server Tools -> click properties. The server log path is the root folder of the repository by default. This is useful because the cache folder is stored within the repository.

3. Locate the Vault folder within the repository.

4. Locate the Cache folder within the Vault folder.

5. Rename the cache folder to cache.rename and create a new folder named "cache"

6. Start your StarTeam server and verify that the error no longer occurs.

*Note: The cache folder is rebuilt as files are checked out so there is no data loss associated with this procedure.

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