Created On:  24 February 2011


StarTeam Notification Agent is sending email notifications for 'Status' change and 'Step' change to users for each and every step in the Custom Workflow. How can 'Step' notifications be disabled, while still sending 'Status' notification emails?


The list of users, or groups of users, that are sent notification emails at each step are defined in the 'Step Notification List' on the 'Participation' tab in the Custom Workflow. This differs from the 'Status Notifcation' and 'Step Notification' tabs where the email template is defined.

The following is an explanation of this feature, and how this can be configured to only send the required emails.

There are two lists on the "Participants" tab

1. Step notification list - a list of users that will be emailed when this step is entered
2. Authorized list - a list of users that are permitted to access this step

The users,  or groups of users, that get "Step Notifications" must be listed in the "Participants" tab. By default, the same list of users is used for both the notification and authorized list. To exclude individuals or groups from being notified at each step, they must be removed from the ‘Step notification list’.  When restricting users it is also important to specify the users that are authorized at each step, which would not affect the step process, but would limit the step notification emails.

Each step has its own set of participants, for example, someone in Development may have to address a Change Request during the implementation step, while someone in QA may have to address that same Change Request during the testing step.

Identify the team members allowed to modify the item at a given step in the workflow and determine whether they are asked by email simultaneously ('Blast') or one-at-a-time ('Ordered' or 'Random'), to accept responsibility for a particular item as it reaches a particular step. If the 'Notification type' is set to 'Blast' this may email more users than is desirable, as 'Blast' sends mail to everyone in the participants list at the same time and does not step-through the order of the list.

All users and/or groups that are listed on the Participants tab may eventually get mailed at some stage, so if a group in this list has many members, they could all be mailed at that step in the workflow.

The interval that mail is sent is defined in the 'Step notification interval' on the Step Notification tab, and is used to limit the amount of time a user has to accept or decline responsibility for that step. This interval is used to define the time between sending mails to the users or groups listed in the Participants tab (the ‘step notification list’).
For example, setting the interval to 10 minutes, the 1st user (or group) in the ordered list will be sent a step notification, if a response is not received within the timeframe the Notification Agent will then mail the next user / group in the list. This repeats until all participants have been mailed (or until a user accepts), and finally if no one responds, the Exception Notification is sent. If a notification is accepted, no further mail will be sent.

Setting a blank notification list ('Participants tab) in a step will mean no 'step' notification will be sent, but 'status' notifications will still be sent. You should define (or clear) these lists for each step in the workflow.


If there are certain individuals or groups are not required to be notified at each step, they must be removed from the ‘Step notification list’ otherwise mail may be sent. Users that get this mail can be restricted, however, at the same time it is required to specify users that are authorized at this step, which would not affect the step process, but would limit the step notification emails.

To modify either list, uncheck the check box ('Use same names as step notification list') and edit the 'Step notification list' for all steps. If this list is cleared completely, the step notifications will no longer occur for that particular step.
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