When doing a PVCS wrap why do I get the error "PVCS said PVCS_E_UNKNOWN_User"?



When doing a PVCS wrap why do I get the error "PVCS said PVCS_E_UNKNOWN_User"?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005 and above
  • Product Component: Migration/PVCS
  • Platform/OS Version: All
  • JDK/Compiler Version: (remove this item if not applicable)


    Why do I get the following error during a PVCS wrap:
    PVCS said PVCS_E_UNKNOWN_User. The foreign configuration file is not recognised by the selected server. This could be due to the foreign format not installed on the server machine, the current user is not a valid foreign user or the congifuration file is corrupt.


    Cause of the error:The error means that either your StarTeam user is not a listed PVCS user or that your PVCS user is not a valid StarTeam user.

    VSS archives are currently being accessed or that you may not have not run VSS analyzer prior to attempting the wrap. Refer back to "Pre-requisites" sections of VSS document on http://info.borland.com/techpubs/starteam/2005R2/en/admin.pdf

    Suggestions to resolve:To resolve this error after dragging the PVCS CFG file into StarTeam, click on the logon as button in the New Project Wizard and logon using a PVCS user that has been entered into StarTeam user list. To add a user to StarTeam open the Server Admin Tool and select user manager. To add a user to PVCS, open the PVCS version version manager and go to Admin | Security | Users.

    PVSS Wrap Recommendations: Borland strongly recommend that you read the section Using StarTeam with PVCS from the StarTeam administrators guide. This guide is available at http://info.borland.com/techpubs/starteam/2005R2/en/admin.pdf

    Author: David McLeish

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