Created On:  28 April 2011


A change is made to a file in the root view and the file is linked to a CR during check in. If the child view is selected, it is possible to see the links for the same file and that the specific link to the CR which took place in the parent view has been made. This behaviour can be seen even if the child view has been created after the link has been made.


This behaviour is as designed. The link is not specific to the view in which it was created. The information within the "link" tab no matter what view it is selected in will show the links "currently" associated with a file regardless of the file revision, whether it has branched or the selected view. The link tab holds no historical representation of links that may have existed in the past and no longer exist but simply shows the links that exist in the current configuration right now.

A link does not provide a connection to a single share or reference but to all related shares and branches of an item. Links are not affected by any item operations, such as branching, moving, sharing, and so on. By default, a link connects the tip revisions of the linked pair." Links can either be pinned or floating.

Pinning a link means that you can lock the link to the tip revision. The context menu in the link tab enables you to pin links to the source or target items or both.
Floating a link means that you allow the link source or target to change from tip revision to tip revision as new Revisions are created.

The context menu in the link tab enables you to float links to the source or target items or both. Links, as with all other items, have context menus in their tabbed panes which allow you access to more information about the item.
Incident #2512060