Alternate Setup for Multi-User Environment



Alternate Setup for Multi-User Environment


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 4.2
  • StarTeam Visual InterDev Integration


Occasionally, the traditional method for using source control in a multi-user Visual InterDev environment fails to persist the proper connection setting. This occurs, most often when authoring against the root web of an IIS web site and working in local mode. If this situation occurs, the method described below should alleviate this problem.


  1. Create the Web Project and add it to Source Control (using the traditional method described in the Integration"s user"s guide).
  2. Close InterDev and Open the StarTeam Client.
  3. In StarTeam, create a project called "InterDev Project Files".
  4. Create a folder named after your web project. Set the working folder of the folder to your InterDev project folder.
  5. Add in the following files to the StarTeam folder: *.vip, *.vic, *.sln, and *.suo (There should be a total of four (4) files.)
  6. Close the StarTeam Client.

To Connect Additional Users:

  1. Open the StarTeam Client and check out the project files for the desired web project to the desired InterDev project folder.
  2. Close StarTeam and launch the checked-out solution file (.sln).
  3. The InterDev project will open. Perform a refresh in InterDev.
  4. The files under source control should now be available for check-out and check-in.
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