Create an additional database to use in TrackRecord


This article explains how to create a new database in addition to an existing database in TrackRecord.


How can I create a new database in addition to my existing database in TrackRecord? In the new database, I want to include all of the custom types I have created in my original database.


Follow these steps to create an additional database to use in TrackRecord:
  1. Run TrackRecord with your existing database.
  2. Select Edit types.
  3. In the menu in the main window, select Type Editor > Save Type definitions.
  4. Save the file to disk and close TrackRecord.
  5. Create a new local directory. For this example, we will call it: C:\TRINI2.
  6. Copy the TR.INI file from your current TrackRecord installation directory to the new directory.
  7. Edit the C:\TRINI2\TR.INI file so that the "databaseDir=" variable points to your other database.
  8. Right click on your desktop and create a new shortcut. Point to your TR32.EXE file. Give this shortcut a name which distinguishes it form your other database (such as Database 2). Click OK to create the icon.
  9. Right click on the new TrackRecord icon and select PROPERTIES. Go to the shortcut tab and change the START IN path to: C:\TRINI2 . Click OK when done.
  10. When you click on the desktop icon "Database 2", it will run TR32.EXE from the original TrackRecord installation directory, but it will read the TR.INI file from the C:\TRINI2 directory which points to your second database.
  11. Run TrackRecord from the new icon. TrackRecord will start and create a default database.
  12. Select File > Edit Types.
  13. Select Type Editor > Restore Type definitions. Select the file that you had previously saved in step 4.
  14. The saved file will extrapolate the type information into the new database.
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