How does StarTeam support VCS Get operation?



How does StarTeam support VCS Get operation?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: All
  • Product Component: Client
  • Platform/OS Version: All


    StarTeam is known as a configuration management tool that compliant to VCS (version control system) standards. Get is one of the basic VCS operations:

    Get: Fetch a specific file revision, copying it to the local workspace. A get does not lock the file; hence the VCS may mark your local file copy as read-only so you are reminded not to modify it.

    Does StarTeam support VCS Get operation?


    From typical SCC usage the CheckOut command typicaly means to make a local file writeable and tag it so no other users can modify the file in the VC system (in StarTeam an Exclusive lock).

    In VSS the option to permit multiple locks on a file corresponds to the non- Exclusive lock in StarTeam The Get means to place a read only copy of the file on the users disk.

    In StarTeam this corresponds to the option to "Mark unlocked working files read-only" set either as a personal files option or as a project property. Once set, a missing file that is checked out but not locked will have its file attribute set to read only. If the user then locks the file "Exclusively" or "non-Exclusively" the read only flag is removed making the file writable and locked in StarTeam.

    Author: Fong, Sok Nee

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