What causes the warning "Stray archive not found" when running Vault Verify?



What causes the warning "Stray archive not found" when running Vault Verify?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: All
  • Product Component: Vault Verify
  • Platform/OS Version: All

When an archive is reported as "stray", this is not necessarily a problem to be overly concerned about, especially if these are the only warnings received after running Vault Verify. "Stray" archives are essentially "orphaned" archive files, these are archives of files that once existed in StarTeam, and for whatever reason they were either deleted or removed from the StarTeam project(s), but the corresponding archive file was left behind.

If you are performing an upgrade of StarTeam, these are not compulsory for an upgraded version of StarTeam to function as before. The files have already removed from StarTeam, so will not be available in the upgraded version. However, to correct/remove these entries/archives you should use the "-repair" option with Vault Verify (the configuration should not be running, otherwise this option is ignored).

By default, the stray archives will be moved to your system "temp" folder, but you can override this by additionally using the "-sf" option, and specifying an alternate location. Primarily this is so you can keep these files in a known location, but you can also examine the contents, should you wish to restore them - files with extension .gz are compressed files, and you should be able to open them with a tool such as WinZip to examine the contents.

The following knowledge base article lists further information on the Vault Verify options

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