Created On:  16 April 2012


How do you enable verbose logging in the StarTeam Server log file?


This is possible from StarTeam 2009 R2 onwards.

Edit the StarTeam Server configuration "starteam-server-configs.xml" file and add the following entry to each configuration where this is required;

‹OPTION name="VerboseLevel" value="1" /›

This option is picked up by the StarTeam Server automatically without the need to restart the configuration(s). It may take a few moments before the extra logging is observed.

Please note, the additional logging information is only displayed for error information.

Example of a login failure with verbose logging enabled;

497  00000004  2012-04-16 16:56:05  Exception handled at CStServer::DoCommand: Class = CStSecurityException, Code = 10002(0x00002712)
     Msg = Logon failure. Please verify user name and password and try again.(Passwords are case sensitive.)
  [ComponentID] = 65535
  [Client IP Address] =
  [Command Step] = Command_ServerLogin.cpp::Execute()
  [CommandAPI] = 1.74
  [ClassID] = -1
  [ProjectID] = -1
  [ViewConfig] = Current
  [ViewID] = -1
  [CommandID] = 14
  [ServiceID] = 0