How to register StarTeam 5.4.



How to register StarTeam 5.4.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.4 all builds
  • Windows NT 4, 2000, XP, 2003


StarTeam 5.4 server and client install with a 30-day evaluation period. It is necessary to register the server and client during or after the evaluation ends in order to enable all features.


StarTeam Server Registration

Prior to registering the server if you have been using an evaluation extension, you will have to highlight the evaluation extension and click "delete" to remove it.

The Server serial number and access key are in this format:

s/n: 40-1-0025-540-XXXXXXX access key: FG1N

StarTeam Client Registration

To register the StarTeam 5.4 client from the workstation where the client is installed click "Help"->Select "About StarTeam"->Select "License" from the left pane->Click "Register"->Enter the client activation key->Click "OK"->Click "Close" to return to the StarTeam client.

The client activation key is in this format:


To register the StarTeam 5.4 server click "Start"->"Programs"->"StarTeam"->"StarTeam Server"->This will open a window that reads "Server Tools" in the upper left->Click the "About" button->Select "License" from the left pane->Click "Register"->Enter the serial number and access key->Click "OK"->Click "Close" to return to Server Tools. The new registration codes will not take effect until the server is stopped and re-started.

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