StarTeam 14x new releases


This page is maintained to show the very latest client and server builds we have available

Latest CPC release: StarTeam CPC 14.4 build 130

We have fixed the following issues in build

  • 67820 (cpc)

    Provide a Federated Trace implementation wherein cross server traces are stored in a standalone StarTeam server configuration

    67873 (cpc)

    Do not repeat file system error messages if thrown when the disk watcher is enabled.

    67874 (cpc)

    Provide a custom trigger for checkin, checkout and label operations on files.

    67899 (cpc)

    Allow editing of name and description of committed change packages

    67900 (cpc)

    Provide a new radio button on the Changes Pane to show Change Packages that can be reached via Traces.

    67902 (cpc)

    Refresh the Changes Pane if a Change Package is created through a different client.

    67665 (cpc)

    Introduce Undo (Rollback) file revision from history

    10637 (sdk)

    Introduce a File.Operation class to support the custom trigger implementation template.

    10640 (vcm)

    Prefer a RE_PIN over a MERGE on REBASE if the target has not branched, but its tip is a revision from source history.

    10626 (stcmd)

    Provide a Transfer-Traces one-time command to convert a multi configuration server to a federated trace environment.

    10652 (stcmd)

    Provide a list-users command

    10653 (stcmd)

    Extend the select command to generate a connection log report

To download the latest versions please visit our download site on supportline.


Today we released a new version of DataMart.

Fixes The following fixes are contained in HotFix 3 (build

Link Extraction in update mode takes a long time even when there are no updates. The log contains “Table ST_LINKS nnn Updates” msg in the even when it is an “update” mode extract and no data has changed.

Row length limit error thrown when DM extractor is run against a CR with 600 custom fields. Provide an option “QueryPropertyChunkSize” to fetch properties in chunks to avert row size error. 

Datamart verification tool

Trace Target item is not extracted when the trace is actually an internal one. (between 2 items in the same Starteam Server). The Target External ID should have the target item id when it is an internal trace.

Datamart extraction performance fixes for Group extraction. DM extracts take a long time for Starteam Server with large number of groups.

Fixed the exit code returned by DataMart. It was returning zero though log file showed exit code of 6.

Provide 2 new configuration options 'startTimeOffset' and 'startTimeOverride' in .stxtract property file for Datamart extraction.                  

Added an option to exclude specific view ids from extraction in case no projects/views were specifically chosen. The new option will need to be specified in the .stxtract file in the following format excludedViewID=10;12;15 where value is the semicolon separated view id.

Please visit the supportline downloads page.


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