StarTeam 2005: Client 6



StarTeam 2005: Client 6


Patch #6 for StarTeam Windows Client 2005

Installation instructions

This patch has a prerequisite of the StarTeam Windows Client 2005. This patch will only install if 2005 was previously installed.

Install silently to the last location StarTeam Client 2005 was installed to

Shutdown the StarTeam Client.
Run -> Client6 /s -a -n
Re-open the StarTeam Client as desired.

To install and be prompted for the installation folder

Shutdown the StarTeam Client.
Install Client6.exe, it will prompt you for the location of your installation folder. Change the location if necessary.
Re-open the StarTeam Client as desired.


  1. Resolves an issue where non-keywords would be expanded.
  2. Alternate Property Editors will now launch from View Compare/Merge when a change request"s properties are viewed.

    The following are also included in patch #3

  3. Reports will now include line breaks when end-of-line characters are comprised of partial carriage return/linefeed specifications.
  4. Alternate Property Editors will now handle user passwords that contain "@" signs.

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Download :

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