How to back up StarTeam 5.3 using the MSDE Admin Tool.



How to back up StarTeam 5.3 using the MSDE Admin Tool.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.3.x
  • NT 4.0 SP6, Windows 2000 SP3


The default database type that is distributed with StarTeam 5.3 is MSDE. This article is intended for StarTeam Administrators who do not have access to MS SQL"s Enterprise Manager but still need to backup StarTeam.


Pre-backup steps:

In order to back up MSDE you will need to install the MSDE Admin Tool. This tool is available in the custom installation options of the StarTeam 5.3 server. To install it double-click the server setup and select custom, then check the MSDE Admin Tool and continue with the installation process.


Backing up StarTeam:

To properly back up StarTeam project data, it is necessary to back up all data at the same time. StarTeam projects consist of a database, archive files, and configuration files. If a mismatch between the database and the archive files occurs, the backup may be unusable. Starbase recommends that a tape drive or similar backup device be used to back up StarTeam projects. Backups should be made when no users are logged into the project server. Backup software capable of backing up open files is required if the backup is made while the Starbase Server is running as either an application or as a Windows service.


Be sure to verify your backups periodically. Starbase recommends that you restore and test backups of your StarTeam project data on a test system. Restoring and testing your backups helps to ensure that your data is being backed-up correctly. As you create server configurations, the Starbase Server creates files and folders which store your configuration and project information.

The following files should be backed up.


This file contains the server configurations. The starbaseserver.ini file is located in the folder where you installed Starbase Server.

-Database files:

Make sure you back up the appropriate database files for your database.

-File revisions (repository):

VaultArchive folder: *.*

-Files attached to change requests, etc.:

Attachments folder: *.*

All of these files should be backed up at the same time, preferably on the same tape. A mismatch between the database and repository may cause data to be lost and/or unusable. Starbase recommends closing down the server configuration when creating your backups. If the server configuration is not closed down, you risk having a database and vault mismatch because a check-in operation, for example, may be in progress at the time of the backup.

You can do any of the following:

- If you are running the server configuration manually, shut down the server configuration. To shut down the server configuration, do one of the following:

- In StarTeam, select ToolsServer Administration. On the Server

Administration dialog, select the appropriate server configuration and click Shut Down.

- From the Server Administration Tool, select the appropriate server configuration and click Shut Down Server.

-On the computer where Starbase Server is installed, type the following at the command prompt:

starbaseserver -stop ConfigurationName where ConfigurationName is the name of the server configuration.

- From the Server Tools utility, select the appropriate server

configuration and click Shut Down.

- If you are running the server configuration as a Windows NT or Windows 2000 Service, go to the Services applet and stop the service. After the backup is completed, you may restart the service.

- Use the Server Administration Tool to lock (Lock Server) and unlock (Unlock Server) a server configuration?if you have administrative privileges. (You can also lock a server configuration from the StarTeam client on your workstation.) Locking a server limits server access while you perform backups

or other procedures. When the server is locked, only server administration commands are accepted. When you unlock the server, normal operations resume. However, be aware that locking the server leaves the server configuration running and makes it impossible to back up the starbaseserver.ini file (server configuration file) unless your backup software can back up open files. If you use this method, you should periodically copy the starbaseserver.ini file to the repository path. Then the extra copy is backed with the rest of the repository folders.

To back up the database using the database using the MSDE Admin Tool:

1. After the MSDE Admin Tool has been installed, with the StarTeam server shut down click "Start"->"Programs"->"SQL Server Desktop Configuration Tool"->"MSDE Configuration Tool".

2. A Window will open that reads "SQL Server Desktop Configuration Tool"

3. Populate the "Server/Instance Name" field with the host name where MSDE is installed.

4. Click "Connect"

5. Within the DB Specific Actions Tab select "Backup a SQL Server Database", select the database to back up from the drop-down list and click "Perform Action".

6. Enter a backup path, for example C:Repository_backupMSDEbackup.bak

7. Click "Start Backup"

8. The utility will indicate that a successful backup has been created if the backup occurs successfully.

Backing up the starbaseserver.ini file:

The starbaseserver.ini file rarely changes, so do this once a week or whenever you change a server configuration. If the server configuration runs on a Windows system or if you install the Universal Edition on a UNIX system, you can also lock the server configuration from the command line. The syntax is:

stcmd server-mode [-pwdfile "fileName" ] [-cmp ]

[-encrypt encryptionType ][ -q ] [-x ]

-s "serverName" -mode [ lock | unlock ]

The following example uses stcmd server-mode to lock the server configuration using port 49201 on Orion (the server configuration name). Most of the optional command-line options were omitted on the example below.

stcmd server-mode -s "JMarsh:password@Orion:49201" -mode lock

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