Created On:  11 October 2011


StarTeam 2009 / 2009 R2 supports use of Oracle 10g R2 or 11g. Is there support for Oracle 11g R2?


Currently StarTeam 2009 / 2009 R2 is supported for use with Oracle 10g R2 (10.2) and 11g (11.1) versions only.  Complete support for Oracle 11g R2 (11.2) databases will only be available from the major release of StarTeam 2011 onwards.

However, this does not preclude Oracle 11.2 being able to work with StarTeam 2009 / 2009 R2 Servers but this will NOT be a supported combination. It is recommended and advised to remain on the current supported versions of Oracle 10.2 or 11.1 until such time as StarTeam 2011 is released.
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