Using the ConfigManager Utility


The ConfigManager Utility allows you to configure the StarTeam Agile server using information from the StarTeam Server Configuration.

The StarTeam Agile ConfigManager utility is a configuration bridge between StarTeam and StarTeam Agile. The utility allows you to configure StartTeam Agile servers with information from the StarTeam Server. With this utility, you can set up a new StarTeam Agile server and set the Administrator username and password.

Note: If you need to change the Administrator username or any other configuration item, you will need to delete the existing configuration and add a new one.

1. Navigate to the StarTeam Agile installation directory. For 64-bit version, it is typically C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam Agile 1.0. For 32-bit version, it is typically C:\Program Files(x86)\Borland\StarTeam Agile 1.0.

This is for the standalone version of Agile only, if you have installed Agile using the Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite you will need to navigate to C:\Program Files\Borland\Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite.

2. Double-click on runConfigManager.bat. If the utility does not run, make sure that Java is installed on the machine and that either the <JDK_HOME>/bin or <JRE_HOME>/bin is available in the path variable.

3. If a server hasn't been configured you will see the following message: No server has been configured. Select one of the following options: A)dd D)elete Q)uit =>.


    1. Select A)dd.
    2. Enter new server configuration information.:
      • Server Name
      • GUID
      • Host Name
      • Host Port
      • User Name
      • Password
      • Re-enter Password

Note: The Host Name you can be either an IP address or resolvable host name. The port and GUID information can be found using the StarTeam Server Administration tool. The User Name can be Administrator or the name of any user that has administrative privileges.

5. Select Q)uit to exit the utility.

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