Created On:  25 October 2012


When using the STCMD to check out an entire view to a specified folder, folders that have an alternate working folder set are not included in the check out.

The problem occurs if folders in the project have a working folder which exist outside of the main working folder. So, although most of the project will be checked out to the folder specified in the STCMD command, folders whose path has been manually set get checked out outside of this location. 


To correctly check out a view and its folder structure, use the 12.5 SDK and later.

The -frp option forces the specified relative path. When used, the -frp parameter ensures that the entire folder tree is successfully checked out relative to the root folder, either with the default or via the -rp root path override.

For example, if the default root folder path is c:\stardraw, then the command

co -p "Administrator:Adiministrator@localhost:49201"/StarDraw -is -frp

will check out the entire folder tree recursively to c:\stardraw. If the path is overridden using the -rp command, such as

co -p "Administrator:Adiministrator@localhost:49201"/StarDraw -is -rp "c:\temp" -frp

the entire StarDraw folder tree gets checked out to c:\temp. -frp does nothing if the entire folder tree is already relative to the root folder.

If the sub-folder Source Code default path is set to a mapped drive on a machine, for example, e:\\StarDraw or a UNC path (\\MicroFocus Build Server\) and the command line is executed from a different machine from where the mapped drive or the UNC path is accessible, the "co" command without "-frp" will throw an exception. With "-frp", the command will succeed, the Source Code folder and all descendant sub-folders are created relative to its parent, and the files in the folder hierarchy are checked out.

Incident #2583544