Project Team Management


Putting together your project team is one of the most fluid and important components of Agile project management. There are several different roles on a project team that will shift over the life of the project as people are added or leave the team and priorities shift.

StarTeam Agile allows you to add and move team members within a project and across multiple project teams. A developer could be a contributor on one team and viewer on several others when a primary project requires integration with other projects. As the types of stories shift during a project, you might need to temporarily add a developer from another team with expertise in a specific area. project is visible to everyone with access to StarTeam Agile until you add a Project Team. Once a Project Team has been created, it will not appear in the list of projects in the drop down unless the user is a member of the project team.
The Manage People function accessed through the Edit Project dialog allows Project Administrators to manage their team easily with a drag and drop interface to assign roles that are tied to project-based permissions. Project roles include:

  • Project Administrator - Responsible for project management activities such as managing team members, sprint planning, and backlog management. They can do everything on the project but cannot add new users to the server or add new projects. 
  • Contributor - Active team members who are working on stories for the project. They need to be able to edit stories, manipulate the teamboard, and other activities to track the progress of the project. Contributors cannot edit edit the project or team membership. They also cannot create or edit releases.
  • Viewer - Need to have access to project information but are not actively working on the project. Examples could be executive management, marketing, or product managers for related products or projects. Viewers cannot make any edits to the project. 
For additional information on roles within StarTeam Agile, see User Roles Within StarTeam Agile.
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