Understanding the locking options



Understanding the locking options


Understanding the locking options

Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 6.0 & 5.x
  • All Windows Platforms


This document details what each of the lock statuses are and when it would be suitable to use them.


Highlight the object you wish to change the lock status on and select the File menu and then Lock/Unlock



  • Unlocked to release your lock on this file, anyone may now check in this file
  • Exclusive to indicate that you intend to make changes to this file and to prevent others from checking in this file
  • Non-exclusive to indicate that you are working on the file, but others are permitted change it
  • Keep current (on the check in or check out dialogs) to indicate that you will keep the file?s current lock status upon check in or out

All exclusive lock will be displayed within the "Locked By" field and all non-exclusive locks will be displayed in the "Non-Exclusive Lockers" field in the upper pane.

The default locking behavior can be configured under Tool -> Personal Options ->Files tab

The Administrator may also choose to require certain locking behavior at the Project-> Properties -> Options menu

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