Created On:  28 September 2010


After the Star Team Server and the Cross Platform Clients are installed, is there a way to deploy default personal options to each client?


Yes, default client options can be deployed manually as follows:

It is reccomended that each user takes a back up of their existing starteam-client-options.xml in case they wish to revert at a later time.

1. Open the Cross Platform Client

2. Select "Personal Options"

3. Set the options that are required to be the default options for each client. These options are stored in

"C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Borland\StarTeam\starteam-client-options.xml"

Note:  You may need to enable hidden folders to view the above folder

4. Open the starteam-client-options.xml file and locate the following lines

<OPTION name="Log Output Path" value="C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Borland\StarTeam">
<OPTION name="Report Output Path" value="C:\Documents and Settings\username">

5. Comment out the lines above and save the file. When users open the CPC it will default to their personal profile directory automatically.

6. Each user should copy the pre-configured "starteam-client-options.xml" file into their own personal folder

"C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Borland\StarTeam\starteam-client-options.xml"
and overwrite their existing starteam-client-options.xml. 

For this task to be automated the StarTeam Server would have to be re-installed.  For further information please consult 'Setting up default personal options' section in Star Team Installation Guide.
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