Understanding StarTeam 5.4 Licensing



Understanding StarTeam 5.4 Licensing


Understanding StarTeam 5.4 Licensing

Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.4 all builds
  • Windows NT 4, 2000, XP, 2003


StarTeam 5.4 licensing operates under a different model from StarTeam 5.2 and5.1 models and has new features which a StarTeam Administrator will benefit fromknowing. This document distills the available information and answers manyfrequently asked questions.


StarTeam Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Advantage:

StarTeam 5.4 registration codes are available in three versions, Standard,Enterprise and Enterprise Advantage. StarTeam Standard provides users with thesame type of graphic interface as the other two versions. The major differenceis that only the Files, Change Request, Topic, and Audit tabs are visible. WithStarTeam Standard change request fields cannot be customized and there is noworkflow customization.

StarTeam Enterprise has the same features as StarTeam Standard with theaddition of the Task tab. StarTeam Enterprise also has the ability tocustomize change request fields.

StarTeam Enterprise Advantage has all the features of Standard and Enterprisewith the addition of the Requirements tab and the ability to customize changerequest, task, topic, and requirement forms and workflow.

Understanding StarTeam registration codes:

Each StarTeam server must be registered with a serial number and access keythat controls which features are enabled. Here is how the serial numbers can beinterpreted:


The first two digits represent the StarTeam version, in this case 31 isStarTeam Standard. An Enterprise serial number would begin with 36 and anEnterprise Advantage serial number would begin with 40.


The third set of numbers, 0025 is the total number of user licenses activatedby that serial number.


The fourth set indicates the StarTeam version, in this case StarTeam 5.4.Serial numbers for other versions such as 5.2 and 5.3 will not work to registerStarTeam 5.4.

To register the StarTeam 5.4 server click"Start"->"Programs"->"StarTeam"->"StarTeamServer"->This will open a window that reads "Server Tools" inthe upper left->Click the "About" button->Select"License" from the left pane->Click "Register"->Enter the serial numberand access key->Click "OK"->Click "Close" to return toServer Tools. The new registration codes will not take effect until the serveris stopped and re-started.

To register the StarTeam 5.4 client from the workstation where the client isinstalled click "Help"->Select "AboutStarTeam"->Select "License" from the left pane->Click"Register"->Enter the client activation key->Click"OK"->Click "Close" to return to the StarTeam client.

Named User and Concurrent user licenses:

StarTeam 5.4 has two types of serial numbers, named user and concurrent. The bestanalogy for a named user license is like reserved parking in a parking garage.Any time someone with a reserved space would like to park, their space isreserved for them. Concurrent user licenses are like general parking where spacesare available on a first come first served basis, when all available spaces aretaken there are no more available. Similarly when all floating StarTeam licensesare taken there are no more logins available.

Concurrent user logins are enabled by a serial number that ends in a -C,for example:


In this example the serial number enables 5 concurrent user licenses.

To register a server using both named user and concurrent user licenses you wouldenter both the named user and concurrent serial numbers.

Configuring User Accounts to use Named User and Concurrent Licenses:

The StarTeam serial number activates a certain number of users asdemonstrated above. By default all users have concurrent user licenses. In orderto assign named user licenses the StarTeam Administrator must add an anchor tothe user"s login in the User Manager. To do this within the StarTeam clientclick "Tools"->"Server Administration"->Highlight yourserver configuration->Click "User Manager"->Within the UserManager on the right-hand side you can see a list of named users->Right-clicka user and select the option to "Assign fixed user license". Withoutassigning fixed user license if there are no concurrent user licenses available anerror will occur such as "The maximum number of fixed user licenses hasbeen exceeded...".

For additional reading on StarTeam licensing see the StarTeam InstallationGuide, Chapter 1.

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