How do I add concurrent/floating users to my BLS



How do I add concurrent/floating users to my BLS


  • Product Name: N/A
  • Product Version: 4
  • Product Component: Belise License Server
  • Platform/OS Version: All Supported OS

How do I add concurrent users to my Belise License Server?

The user list file controls the users and products they are licensed for. For concurrent licenses, this file is called userlist-concurrent.txt and is located in the \conf directory. The userlist-concurrent.txt is used only with the Together product. If this file is present, it acts as a restrictive list for the given product for the specified user(s) - only the users listed can check out licenses. If it is not present, or is empty, the concurrent license is non-restrictive; that is, the first person to access the license can use it.

In addition to restricting users, the user list file also controls the check-out, or borrow, period for the license, set as days:hours. The user is permitted to keep the license for up to the specified amount of time for the specified product, even when not connected to the server. When the specified check out time is up, the client product will display a warning and stop running. Users of Borland products can manually check out a concurrent license with the Tools|License Manager or Help|License Manager command as long as his or her name is specified in the user list file.

Note: The user list file is first checked for validity. If the user is on the user list, but his or her IP address is not allowed, the license is denied. The following error message is displayed: "License server does not accept requests from this IP address."

The entries in the user list file are in one of two formats:

For new suite products, such as JBuilder X Enterprise Suite, there is one identifier per suite, per user. In this example, the entry registers the user jsmith for one copy of JBuilder X Enterprise Suite that includes the JBuilder product and 4 Optimizeit products:

jsmith, *, 100_1, 1:23
(This format is supported by the Borland License Server version 3.)

For products registered with a version of the Borland License Server prior to version 2.32, there is one product id code and one sku id code for each single product or each single product in a suite. For example, the following entries register the user pjohnson for the JBuilder 9 Enterprise Suite, that includes the JBuilder product and 3 Optimizeit products:

  • pjohnson, *, 1085, 2, 1:23
  • pjohnson, *, 9102, 0, 1:23
  • pjohnson, *, 9202, 0, 1:23
  • pjohnson, *, 9302, 0, 1:23

(This format has been deprecated in the Borland License Server version 2.32, but is still supported.)

In both examples, the check-out, or borrow, period is set to one day, 23 hours. The user can keep the license checked out for up to one day, 23 hours.

Critical: The identifier you enter into your userlist-concurrent.txt file is in the readme.txt file. You MUST read this file to find the values to enter.

Author: Ja"Mille Wilborn

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