StarTeam 2006R2 Generally Available!



StarTeam 2006R2 Generally Available!


The following are new features or changes included in StarTeam 2006 R2. This is a Client release for Cross Platform Client (CPC), SDK, Notification Agent and StarTeam Extensions only. This CPC release is backwards-compatible with the StarTeam Server 2005 for Solaris, StarTeam Server 2005 R2 for Windows, and StarTeam Server 2006 for Windows:

  • Option to turn off custom toolbars.
    You can now turn off custom toolbars that load with each view window (if any custom tools were configured) on a per workstation basis. Custom toolbars are created as part of StarTeam Extensions. To turn off custom toolbars, choose Tools > Personal Options from the menu bar and then uncheck the Custom tools check box.
  • New in the Notification Agent.
  • Support for .
  • New way of handling process items using .
  • Support for the use of a custom delimiterin the Item Export dialog box. Previously, you could only choose from predefined delimiters.
  • New Folder Component Access Rights?dialog box.
    This new dialog box allows you to set more granular access rights on a folder. To access the Folder Component Access Rights dialog box, click the Folder tab in the Items pane, and then choose Folder > Advanced > Component Access Rights from either the context menu or the Folder menu.
  • TheMy Account dialog box now has a Membership tab that displays the logged-on user"s group membership information.
  • Time Zone Updater (Windows only).
    The StarTeam Cross-Platform Client installer runs the Sun tzupdater program on the Sun JRE (1.5.0_09) installed with this release. The tzupdater program changes the JRE in order to provide better DST (Daylight Savings Time) information for Eastern, Mountain, and Hawaiian time zones. It also deletes three JRE files from the lib/zi folder (if they are there): EST, HST, MST.



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