What RPC ports does StarTeam use?



What RPC ports does StarTeam use?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2006, 2006 R2, 2008
  • Product Component: Server, Client, MPX
  • Platform/OS Version: All Windows platforms

What RPC ports does StarTeam use?


StarTeam does not use Remote Procedure Call (RPC) ports.

The only ports that StarTeam uses and needs open are the ports used by MPX, cache agents, and the TCP/IP endpoint(s) assigned to the server configurations.

The defaults for these components are:

MPX Message Brokers = 5101
MPX Multicast Service = 5104
Cache Agent request port = 5201
Configuration endpoint = 49201

If the customer is using ports other than this for these components, then those will need to be opened as well. To find the port numbers in use, look in the Server Administration tool under Configure Server. The TCP/IP Endpoint is in the Protocol tab, and the message broker and multicast port numbers can be pulled from the Event Handlers tab by selecting the profile and then click the Modify button. The server_names property will show the port number.

To get the port used by the Cache Agent, open Windows Explorer (or My Computer), and navigate to c:/program files/Borland/StarTeamMPX Cache Agent 2008 (or whatever version is running), and open RootCAConfig.xml. Look through that file and locate the ports in use. Do the same with RemoteCAConfig.xml.

Of course, these files may be named something different, as some folks name them according to the server config they support.

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