How to upgrade from StarTeam 5.1 to StarTeam 5.4 Using MS SQL.



How to upgrade from StarTeam 5.1 to StarTeam 5.4 Using MS SQL.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.1 all builds to StarTeam 5.4.142
  • Windows NT, 2000, 2003 server (supported for 5.4 only)


This article outlines the process to upgrade from StarTeam 5.1 to StarTeam 5.4 using MS SQL.


Pre-upgrade you will want to ensure that your 5.4 server has been registered. Here is the URL to request the 5.4 registration codes and CDs:

The upgrade process

1. Make a complete backup of your 5.1 server configuration. This includes the database, entire StarTeam repository, and the starbaseserver.ini file.

2. Move file status prior to the server upgrade. StarTeam 5.1 stores file status within the database, where StarTeam 5.3 and 5.4 store file status on each client. As a result you will need to address file status storage prior to upgrading the server. This is covered in detail in the first few pages of the Install Guide but here is an overview.

When you upgrade from StarTeam 5.1 to 5.4 if no action is taken regarding file status all the files will have the file status of "Unknown". You can right-click on any file and update status. All files with a current or missing file status will change from the unknown status to the correct file status. There are two file statuses that do not change from unknown after the upgrade. The file statuses "merge" and "modified" will retain the status "Unknown" even after they have been selected for an update status operation. The problem with this is that a modified or merge status both indicate that new revisions have been saved to the local working folder but have not been checked in. If you were to perform a force checkout to produce a current file status the work in those folders would be overwritten. As a result there are three options to resolve this file status issue prior to the upgrade:

A. Have your developers check in all files with a "Modified" file status, and resolve all "Merge" file statuses. That way you can select all when the upgrade is completed and update status which will return either current or missing.

B. There is a command line to move file status detailed on page 3 of the Install Guide or in the StarTeam 5.4 client help. This command line would have to be run from each client workstation where there are files with a modified or merge file status prior to the upgrade. This option is usually less attractive because it requires the developer to re-configure the command line for each view and it must be run multiple times to be completely inclusive. The command line to move file statuses is installed with the 5.4 client so it will be necessary to install the 5.4 client prior to the upgrade if you decide to move file statuses.

C. This option is effective but is unofficial, there is a VB script which you can edit to include the command line so that developers only need to run it prior to the server upgrade to move file statuses. While there have been no reports of problems with the script it is not officially supported so the user assumes responsibility for it"s use. The script is available from the support ftp site ftp://customer:supportU$@ ->Support folder -> Move_File_Status folder-> Download the file The file has been renamed from MoverServerStatuses.vbs to MoveServerStatuses.rename so it will need to be renamed before it can be run.

3. To perform the actual upgrade with StarTeam 5.4 Server Tools highlight your 5.1 server configuration and click "upgrade". The upgrade should take from between a few minutes to several hours depending on database size and the number of file revisions.

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