StarTeam 12.5 CPC HF4 is now available for download


Hi all,

The following fixes are contained in patch 4 (build

(SDK) stcmd no longer throws a NullPointerException when processing Not in View files.

(SDK) Resolved the issue in the CPC when checking in a file with Lock Status set to Non-exclusive.

(SDK) Attempting to check in a file to a Reference View, whose Parent Reference View has no rights, now succeeds.

(SDK) File Status on checkout is no longer changed if the file is locked by an external process like Microsoft Word and the checkout fails.

(SDK) The issue with stcmd delete-local not deleting Not in View files in Not in View folders has been fixed.

(SDK) The issue resulting in the client error, "Internal application error: The Label parameter "lbl" was null." has been resolved.

(SDK) Resolved the issue of a NullPointerException received when trying to resolve a URL to an Audit.

(SDK) The issue with a memory leak in native StarTeam.FileAccess.dll has been resolved.

 (SDK) New VCM optimization added that allows commits of large VCM sessions without the context of a multi-command transaction. For more information on this feature, check the Micro Focus Web site for the most recent version of the StarTeam 12.5 Update 1 Release Notes at

(CPC) Continuing a VCM after a commit failure (via the Cancel) button is no longer allowed due to inconsistencies generated in the commit session as a result of the error. (CPC) The StarTeam bridge jar was not included in the Linux installation, resulting in StarFlow Extensions functionality not working. This has been fixed.

This new client is available from these links: (64 bit windows) (32 bit windows) (32 bit & 64 bit Linux)



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