Exception thrown from Unknown: Class = Code = 0(00000000)


The StarTeam server fails to launch with the following error in the server log:

12 00000004 2013-06-21 15:00:11 Exception handled at CStServer::Preload: Class = , Code = 0(00000000)
Msg =
13 00000004 2013-06-21 15:00:11 Exception thrown from Unknown: Class = , Code = 0(00000000)

This is caused by entering a full LDAP string including protocol in the directory service settings of the StarTeam Administration console.

For example:


rather than


This cannot be edited in the administration console as the server needs to be running for the administration console to be used.

To resolve:

  1. Take a full database backup
  2. Open your database query editor
  3. Execute the following query against the StarTeam database

    (modify the hostname to the correct host)

    UPDATE syn_serversettings
    SET DirectoryURL = 'hostname.domain'
  4. Restart the StarTeam server
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