StarTeam 12.5 CPC HF8


The latest 12.5 CPC is now available.

The following fixes are contained in patch 8 (build

(CPC) Remove incorrect version of stcmd from Linux/Unix CPC
(SDK) Command Line stcmd lock no longer throws a server exception if not in view files are present on disk. (SDK) stcmd co turns off eol conversion if –eol is not specified (as documented). stcmd co –exclude <pattern> or #<filename> supports fully qualified file paths
(SDK) File checkin status no longer goes to Merge if central syncdb is mounted on a remote drive.
(SDK) stcmd list-views returns a list of view names for a project specified using -p.
(SDK) SDK Workflow does not throw an exception if ServerGUID tag missing from a server context limit node. (SDK) Replaced stcmd.lax by simple unix shell script stcmd on unix/linux sdk builds. (SDK) ViewMemberCollection.reverse() no longer throws an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.

 This is available from the links below: (32 bit) (64 bit)


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